Words that Move Mountains – the Masterclass

Words that Move Mountains is a one-day masterclass designed to help good communicators become even better. Whether it’s a one-to-one conversation, a presentation to a meeting, or a speech in front of a large audience, the best communicators use language rich in imagery, metaphor and story – visual language that helps others see and feel what they mean.

This masterclass will enable you to:

  • give presentations that grab an audience’s attention
  • stir an audience’s emotions by using visual and multi-sensory language
  • find and use vivid metaphors, images and stories that bring your message to life
  • use a variety of powerful rhetorical techniques to increase the impact of your presentation
  • explain complex and abstract ideas in an accessible and engaging way
  • use powerful visual thinking techniques to help people see what you mean
  • communicate with greater clarity and impact
  • inspire your audience to action.

The workshop is interactive throughout, with exercises to explore and practise at each stage.

Outline of the day

In the morning we cover:

  • What makes a great presentation? How the best presenters engage and keep their audience’s attention and interest.
  • The three key questions you should ask to help you plan any presentation
  • How to make your messages compelling by using a proposition
  • Why choosing the right words can make all the difference, and how to know which words will work best for you.
  • How to structure your presentation to keep your audience interested and listening to you.

In the afternoon we cover:

  • How to use images, metaphors and stories to dramatise your message and keep your audience involved.
  • Delivery, feedback and analysis: an opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice and try it out on the group. Individual feedback will be given.

After the masterclass
Individual or group coaching sessions can be arranged to help you take things further, or to work in depth on a specific presentation.

How to book

Details of our occasional public masterclasses will be posted in the right-hand sidebar (over here →)

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a masterclass, workshop or seminar for your organization or group.

We also offer a two-day, in-house version of Words that Move Mountains. Contact us for details.


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