Words that Move Mountains – a Masterclass in Persuasive Writing

What really makes a speech, presentation, advert, or person, persuasive?

In this interactive workshop, we will explore a variety of examples of persuasive communication and discover how they work their magic. We’ll blow the dust off the ancient art of rhetoric and find out what it still has to offer in the 21st century, and we’ll pick up some powerful insights from the latest research in cognitive science and linguistics.

And we’ll bust a few myths along the way…

During the workshop you’ll learn how to make your writing more persuasive, and you’ll get a chance to try out your skills and experiment with some exciting new techniques.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What kinds of words are the best persuaders
  • How to engage the emotions of an audience
  • How to use metaphors, images and story to convince and persuade
  • How to create a structure that engages and persuades an audience
  • How to inspire your audience to action.

This workshop is designed for professional wordsmiths of all kinds:

  • speechwriters
  • copywriters
  • people in business who have to make presentations
  • educators
  • politicians
  • activists and agitators

This workshop is a pre-conference session at the Spring Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference organised by the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and the European Speechwriter Network. You can book it as a stand-alone session, or get a conference pass and join us for the full three days at Westminster College, Cambridge.
REGISTER HERE – and choose either ‘Pre-Conference Training’ or ‘Pre-Conference Training + Conference Pass’, then click ‘order now’ and you’ll be able to select our workshop from the list offered at the bottom of the booking form, under ‘other information’.

Testimonials from our previous workshops at this conference

Jonathan Yiangou, Principal Economist / Speechwriter at European Central Bank: “I thought your workshop was great: I enjoyed the intellectual depth that you included, and I appreciated the way you didn’t try and teach us off-the-shelf speechwriting tricks, but rather tried to sensitise us to words and meanings, so that we could then use them organically. I’d also add that you both gave the impression that you love what you do and are still learning – both of which, for me, are key characteristics of someone I want to learn from.

Line Schmidt Jensen,Speech writer, 
Secretariat to the Minister and Permanent Secretary, Danish Ministry of the Environment: “I enjoyed the conference and your workshop in particular. I always find that learning by doing works much better than learning by hearing or reading…. You gave me new arguments and pictures to tell the story of speech writing – and you reminded me of what we can actually do with the right tools and what an important role single words play – whether we mean them to or not, so we might as well choose them with care!”

Alex Duff, Corporate Affairs Manager, Kingfisher: “I’m not a full time speechwriter but I do find myself getting asked more often to write speeches and scripts to accompany presentations. Your workshop offered the perfect blend of inspiration, theory and practical tips. Thank you CreativityWorks.”

Anne-Marieke Samson, Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Netherlands: “The workshop was wonderful and inspirational.”


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