The premiere of our latest animation

Crack open the champagne and pass the canapés – we’ve just finished our first ever custom animation! And after you’ve watched it, I’d like to share a few thoughts about it with you.

Last July when we uploaded our ‘Busting the Mehrabian Myth’ to YouTube we had no idea just how much of a splash it would make. We certainly didn’t expect a niche video on the subject of nonverbal communication to attract nearly 28,000 viewers (and rising) in less than a year. And the thought of making custom animations hadn’t crossed our minds.

But a lot has happened over the last year. Our ‘Mehrabian’ animation has proved a boon for our business – and brand visibility – and has created a number of unexpected opportunities for us. In January, for example, we ran a two-day communications workshop in Athens for one of Greece’s leading executive coaching companies. It was a wonderful experience that came about simply because someone in the company had come across our video while surfing the net.

The popularity of our animation has also helped us link up with other communications professionals around the world, as well as giving a healthy, and sustained, boost to the flow of traffic to our website. Last September we were invited to give a talk and show our animation at the inaugural Speechwriters’ Guild Conference, and we’ve been invited to contribute to this year’s conference too.

However, one of the most exciting – yet unexpected – things ‘Busting the Mehrabian Myth’ has done for us is to generate a steady stream of custom video enquiries. The thought that making animations could become an important part of what we offer to clients has taken a little time to sink in but having now successfully completed our first custom animation, we’re open for business. In fact, we’re already working on our second custom animation for another client.

Please add a comment to this blog after you’ve watched ‘The Project Manager’s Story’ because we’d love to know what you think of it…cheers!


  1. Great job, Martin & team!

    Whilst I love the animation, it’s the structured story that really brings it to life for me. It’s easy to find fun and quirky animations out there but both of your examples are underpinned by a well thought out and engaging story.



  2. Fabulous animation. Really, really watchable. My attention span is usually brief but I was captivated all the way through.

    Well done. I’m not surprised you’re in demand.


  3. Martin Shovel says

    Thanks Simon. I’m delighted you like our animation, and even more pleased that you appreciate the importance of a good story. If a marketing/informational animation is going to work, it has to have an entertaining narrative with broad appeal. Cheers, Martin

  4. Martin Shovel says

    Caroline, what a lovely and encouraging comment. You’ve made my/our day… thanks!!

  5. Herve Tunga says

    This is a great presentation and properly explains why communication topics are included in project management and leadership training programmes.

    Great achievement!

    /also fan of ‘Busting the Mehrabian Myth’

  6. “What an attractive voice”…… Matthew

    “The story and animations held my attention, even though I know less than nothing about Project Management. Terms like a ‘ladder of inference’ were made immediately memorable. Fantastic!” ……….. Becky

  7. Kate Whyman says

    Well done Martin and Martha. I really love the style and feel of your animations. Just right.

  8. lizzie philipps says

    Well done, both of you! It sounds extremely professional – and I agree about that voice. It’s just shame I can’t make use of you myself!

  9. Hi Martin and Martha
    Really good. It is great when clients tell you what your business should be – and put their money where their mouth is. I’m not surprised in the least.
    Mark Scantlebury, Quietroom

  10. Definitely onto a winner, Martin. Another very memorable animation with a well-scripted story, some very engaging graphics and excellent voiceover. For me, though, there was just a bit too much going on in one or two spots – the ‘hitting the wall/process thinking’ sequence is an example. Principally, it’s just envy, I’m sure – wish I’d something half as good to share with the world. Here’s to the next animation.

  11. thandiwe chappot says

    I really enjoy your video presentations. That’s saying a lot for me because i have literally no patience with clever-rhetoric-type selling schemes. Yours is informative, cute without being childish, light & very clever. BRAVO! Thandiwe Chappot, Certified Master Coach.

  12. Great job Martin. It certainly kept my attention and I could really relate to the stuff that was going on in the meeting there – it’s why i left corporate life!

    Have you thought about marketing these animations to trainers for use on workshops? I’m sure you have!


  13. A superb little animation which deserves wide distribution. Particularly relevant to my last role overseeing large scale regulatory capital projects. How I wish I’d have known about changequest then…
    Keep this up guys – looking forward to the next one already 🙂

  14. Malcolm says


    loved the voice over 😉

  15. What fun. I love the quirky little details. The feel of the thing is rather like a cosy 1970s children’s programme from Oliver Postgate. I’ll spread the word about the CreativityWorks Studios….

  16. Fantastic Martin, love the clean and simple animation and the project manager story is spot on!

  17. Olympia Mitsopoulou says

    Hi Martin and Martha, I loved the way the service is sold with this animation. I wish one day I have an animation done by you for my services.
    Lots of regards from Athens

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