How we make an animation

Making a video is a creative, collaborative process. From the outset we work with you to understand exactly what you want to say with your video animation. Then we work on every stage in-house, consulting you at pre-arranged stages so you are kept fully informed all the way along.

The work falls into four main stages:

1. Concept
We begin with a creative conversation with you – face-to-face, on the phone, or via Skype – to establish the purpose and ‘feel’ of your animation. We need to understand exactly what you want your message to be, so this is when we bounce ideas around until we have the outline of story that we’re confident will work for you.

2. Script and Storyboard
Next we create a draft script, which will provide the narration for your animation.
When you’re happy with it, we plan the animation and send you a storyboard, showing the key frames for each scene.

3. Production: recording, drawing and animating
This is when we bring your animation to life. We begin by ‘walking through’ the storyboard and script with you, to check details of emphasis, tone, etc, then we record the narration. Next, Martin draws the cartoons for each scene, and Martha animates them to fit the soundtrack. Sound and visual effects can be added at this stage, too.

4. Review – and sign-off
When we have completed the animation we will send you a link so that you can preview it and suggest any last-minute changes. Once you are happy with it we supply you with a High Definition (HD) movie file ready for use on your website.

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