Seminar: The Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting

Is speechwriting part of your job?

Would you like to learn how to write the kind of speech that will get you – and your speaker – noticed?

Would you like to find out how other speechwriters go about their work?

This one-day seminar will take you through the process of writing a speech from start to finish, looking at the practical ‘nuts and bolts’ of how a speech gets written – and how to do it better…

Learn how to:

  • Use three simple questions to get the process under way
  • Build your speech around a strong proposition
  • Write openings that grab an audience’s attention, and closings that stick in their memory
  • Use stories to bring your ideas to life
  • Write for the ear
  • Capture the vocal style of the speaker
  • Use rhetorical techniques to engage and persuade your audience
  • Edit to improve your style and sharpen your arguments.

 Who should attend?

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the ropes, or a seasoned professional who’d like to refresh your work by sharing ideas with others, there’s a place for you around the table. People who have attended and benefited from the seminar include:

  • People who write, edit, or contribute to speeches for other people, in politics, business or the public sector
  • Leaders who write their own speeches, and want to pick up ideas and insights about how to do it better
  • Communications professionals whose job spec includes speechwriting, and who are looking for tips on how to get started…

The seminar is highly interactive, combining theory and practice throughout, and there is plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve had from past participants 

“Every once in a while a speechwriter needs to go back to basics. In their Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting workshop, Martin and Martha guide you through them in the best possible way, covering all aspects concerning the speaker, his or her message and the audience. With their speechwriting and teaching background, they’re the experienced experts you’re looking for. By the end of the seminar, you’re full of new ideas. And most importantly, you’ve regained the fresh perspective that easily gets snowed under by the issues of the day.” Jan Sonneveld: Speechwriter, Directorate of Communications
Department of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Netherlands.

“The Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting session was one of the most hands-on and  stimulating sessions of the ESN Conference in May. We went back to the real nitty-gritty elements of the craft, and going back to basics made me think afresh at different approaches that can be taken. The Conference overall was educational, practical and full of ideas and creative energy. Attending was a brilliant opportunity – go!” Jonathan Kinsella: speechwriter to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (UK).

“One day with Martha and Martin. Two thousand years of rhetoric boiled down to clear, applicable and inspiring advice. Ranging from how to cooperate with busy clients to the subtle use of ‘warm’ words, schemes and tropes. A clever workshop presented in a down-to-earth manner. Valuable and refreshing for both beginners and old hands. Do not forget to jot down everything Martha and Martin are saying because sooner or later you’ll want to look up one of their powerful proofs or witty anecdotes.” Edmée Tuyl: Executive speechwriter and coach, owner of Speechless.

“Although I’ve been writing speeches for five years, Martin and Martha’s Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting seminar was most helpful in refreshing my memory. In addition to this I enjoyed hearing other people’s experiences. Not least of course, the experiences of Martha and Martin themselves. I would heartily recommend the Nuts and Bolts workshop to both experienced and novice speechwriters. For the former it’s a great way to find new inspiration and perhaps get rid of some of those bad habits that have developed over time. For the latter it’s a good and fun way to learn to write a great speech. So do yourself a favour and attend the Nuts and Bolts of Speechwriting!”   Martijn Goedegebuure: Former government speechwriter and owner of Speechpro.

“Martin and Martha ran the workshop in May in London and it was really valuable to get inside their speechwriting heads and rummage about! Through a mix of case study and discussion, the group explored language, structure, hooks, propositions and more. It’s really enriched my work as a speaker coach as I often want to help clients to write more appealing talks. I also found that I made friendships on that first day that made the conference more enjoyable and are more likely to last.” Celia Delaney: Speech coach and keynote speaker at Speaking Success.

“I highly recommend CreativityWorks’ cogent seminar for those seeking the timeless principles of a memorable and clear spoken argument. The finely balanced use of theory, case study and group participation made for an engaging and valuable use of time. I returned to my clients with new ideas and confidence.”
Martin Koder, Stakeholder Manager at NESTNational Employment Savings Trust.

“The ‘Nuts And Bolts of Speechwriting’ seminar successfully covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and provided both practical advice and handy tips. With good participant interaction and lots of helpful examples, this was an excellent workshop for speechwriters of any level – from beginners to experts looking to refresh their style. Highly recommended.”
Piers Letcher, Senior Speechwriter, United Nations (ITU)

“The workshop with Martha and Martin was informative and insightful.  It simplifies a complex subject which enables anyone, whether expert or novice, to take away some very practical tips and tools which can be immediately implemented for a speech or presentation.”
Suzette Woodward, Director of Patient Safety, National Patient Safety Association

“The real challenge in organising a good seminar lies in presenting something “new” that really sticks. I find you managed to do just that. I will long remember your thorough account of the process leading up to the successful healthcare speech entrusted to you. To me it seems that you practically covered all possible aspects involved in that process. You did so without ever testing my patience or that of the other participants, I think I can safely say, for you really afforded us a look behind the scenes. It was all appealingly insightful.”
Justus Collens, 

De Nederlandsche Bank

“Informative and well structured, combining theory with practical examples. The interactive and down-to-earth format made it an enjoyable and productive event.”
Omar Ben Yedder, IC Publications

“As an aspiring speechwriter, I am delighted that I chose CreativityWorks “Nuts and Bolts of speechwriting” as my introduction to speechwriting.  I was surrounded by experienced speechwriters across a range of audiences – industry-specific to international  …and I picked up some of the most important lessons in speechwriting – the kinds people spend their entire careers trying to find!”
Eshaan Akbar, UpRising Alumni Advisory Board Member at the Young Foundation

“I learnt some very useful tools and tips from Martha and Martin in what was an interactive and thought-provoking session. The seminar was an excellent opportunity to hear about the experiences of two accomplished speechwriters and to share ideas with other like-minded people.”
Dean Gargano, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Communications and Engagement, NHS South of England

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