Cartoon Thinking for Speechwriters

A visual thinking workshop for writers who want to breathe new life into their work

photoA good cartoon can sum up a situation or an idea in just a few strokes of the pen. It grabs attention, tells a story, and delivers a punch line in a way that speechwriters can only dream of.

Martin Shovel is both a speechwriter and a cartoonist, and he believes ‘cartoon thinking’ is the key to his success as a speechwriter.  In this unique workshop he and Martha Leyton will share what it means to think like a cartoonist, and show you how to put these insights into practice in your own speechwriting.

You’ll quickly learn how to use cartoon drawing to explore the interplay between drawn images, mental images and words. You already use writing as an everyday tool for thinking and communicating – come on this workshop and it won’t be long before you’re using cartoon drawing in much the same way.

Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • draw simple cartoons (even if you think you can’t draw at all!)
  • use cartooning to clarify your thinking and improve your writing
  • simplify your message by getting to its essence
  • turn abstract ideas into clear, memorable images
  • find and use visual metaphors to make your messages stick.

The workshop is highly interactive, combining theory and practice throughout, and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion.
So, whether you are new to speechwriting, or a seasoned professional looking for new inspiration, there will be plenty here to get your creative juices flowing. Whatever your level, you’ll take away new tools and techniques that will help you make your writing more engaging, persuasive and memorable.

This full day workshop will take place on 23rd October 2014 as part of the European Speechwriter Network conference in Amsterdam. You can find out more and buy a ticket for the conference (23-24th October) or just for the workshop on 23rd, here:

European Speechwriter Network Autumn Conference 2014

If you would like to attend – or commission – a ‘Cartoon Thinking for Speechwriters’ workshop in the UK, please get in touch with us.

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