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“The ‘Nuts And Bolts of Speechwriting’ seminar successfully covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, and provided both practical advice and handy tips. With good participant interaction and lots of helpful examples, this was an excellent workshop for speechwriters of any level – from beginners to experts looking to refresh their style. Highly recommended.”
Piers Letcher, Senior Speechwriter, United Nations (ITU).

“The workshop with Martha and Martin was informative and insightful.  It simplifies a complex subject which enables anyone, whether expert or novice, to take away some very practical tips and tools which can be immediately implemented for a speech or presentation.”
Suzette Woodward, Director of Patient Safety, National Patient Safety Association

“Martha and Martin were personable and excellent speechwriting coaches. I highly recommend their cogent seminar for those seeking the timeless principles of a memorable and clear spoken argument. The finely balanced use of theory, case study and group participation made for an engaging and valuable use of time. I returned to my clients with new ideas and confidence.”
Martin Koder, Stakeholder Manager at NEST – National Employment Savings Trust.

“The seminar hosts complement each other perfectly and articulate well the different aspects of speechwriting. The seminars were informative and well structured, combining theory with practical examples. The interactive and down to earth format make it an enjoyable and productive event.”
Omar Ben Yedder,  IC Publications

“The real challenge in organising a good seminar lies in presenting something “new” that really sticks. I find you managed to do just that. I will long remember your thorough account of the process leading up to the successful healthcare speech entrusted to you. To me it seems that you practically covered all possible aspects involved in that process. You did so without ever testing my patience or that of the other participants, I think I can safely say, for you really afforded us a look behind the scenes. It was all appealingly insightful.”
Justus Collens, 

De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank)

“The seminar was an excellent opportunity to hear about the experiences of two accomplished speechwriters and to share ideas with other like-minded people. I learnt some very useful tools and tips from Martha and Martin in what was an interactive and thought-provoking session. ”
Dean Gargano, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Communications and Engagement, NHS South of England

“As an aspiring speechwriter, I was delighted that I chose CreativityWorks “Nuts and Bolts of speechwriting” as my very first introduction to speechwriting.  I was surrounded by experienced speechwriters across a range of audiences – industry-specific to international … and I picked up some of the most important lessons in speechwriting – the kinds people spend their entire careers trying to find! Most importantly, run by Martha and Martin, you are unlikely to find such dedicated, friendly and supportive experts.”
Eshaan Akbar, Policy, Strategy and Partnerships Officer at London Borough of Merton

“Thanks for the enlightening experience I had on the Words that Move Mountains course. Describing it as Advanced Presentation Skills doesn’t do it justice! For me it showed how I had allowed myself to fall into the trap of letting PowerPoint and bulleted lists drive my presentations, as opposed to thinking around the topic in a more creative way and coming up with language and stories to engage my audience.  I have thought about and used the topics and techniques we covered in the course as part of my everyday work, not just presentations, as the skills around rhetoric and communicating complex ideas are important in meetings and other forms of discussion I take part in.”
Mark Hanks, Head of Programme Delivery, Chelsea Building Society

“Thank you both so much for yesterday.  Not only did I hugely enjoy the day but found it extremely thought provoking and as you will have gathered, managed to get my head around a presentation, which although might be a while away, had already started to make me feel a bit anxious! I have every confidence that I will now be able to deliver the message creatively and memorably!”
Helen Hyde, Corporate Registrar, John Lewis Partnership

“I have benefited greatly from CreativityWorks’ well-researched approach to speaking, their astute analysis of my performance and above all by the gentle but persuasive means that has encouraged me to dare to say less.”
David Royce, Chief Executive, CRI.

“The course was initially sold to me as ‘Advanced Presentation Skills’ and, as such, I was expecting to be shown how to use PowerPoint effectively, how to project my voice, etc. In fact, the only reason I put myself forward for the course was because I thought it wouldn’t do me any harm to keep my presentation skills up to date. The actual course couldn’t have been much further removed from what I was expecting. The main thing I have come away with is that I can get my point across far more powerfully if I ditch (or at least severely limit) my use of PowerPoint – when reflecting on my presentations to date I can now see why so many of them have been far from effective (which has been a source of frustration to me). Even better, I feel that the techniques you have shown me have given me the confidence to ‘speak with my own voice’ rather than simply regurgitating boring old business cases and the like. I’m really looking forward to working with the new approach over the coming months and beyond.”
Steve Maslin, Head of Savings, Chelsea Building Society

“I wanted some inspiration to help me create a  talk to publicise my new book. Martin and Martha gave me exactly what I needed – a structure, lots of ideas about visual thinking and language, some powerful examples, guidelines for preparation and time to practice and get feedback.  I can’t wait to build on what I started on the day, and I feel confident that I can deliver something that people will enjoy hearing.”
Ann Lewis, Director, Ann Lewis Coaching

“Thank you for running such an excellent programme. I have been on many presentation skills courses in my time and yours is the first one that has focused on the science of communication holistically.”
Gary Pickering, Head of Branch Network, Chelsea Building Society

“Your workshop was superb – both enjoyable and extremely useful. I learnt so much, and still use the tools all the time.”
Neil Mullarkey, founder member of the Comedy Store Players, actor and management trainer

“Thank you for two thoroughly enjoyable days, your relaxed but enlightening delivery was perfect for me.”
Angela Evans, Divisional Director (Accounting and Tax), Chelsea Building Society

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the course yesterday. It was very thought provoking. I now look forward to using some of the theory in my July presentation and other things I work on.”
Bernard Novell MAPM, Building Standards Manager, Waitrose

Thank you for a stimulating and inspiring workshop. ‘Words that Move Mountains’ is changing the way I think about language and use it.”
Nick Dunnell, Partner, Speechly Bircham

“I left the workshop on a high and even now several days later I still feel it was a positive and worthwhile experience. I felt liberated and empowered… Thank you both for a well organised, enjoyable and informative workshop. I will recommend you to others.”
Professor Maureen Williams, Chief Executive and founder of Merseyside Development Foundation; Honorary Fellow and Visiting Professor of Sociology (Governance) at Liverpool John Moores University

“A huge thank you to you for making such a valuable and very interesting contribution to the TMI Annual Convention. It was a pivotal part of what proved to be an excellent event and a role which was greatly appreciated by all involved… Your input both stimulated and stretched the minds of our delegates. Feedback has been very positive indeed.”
Eleanor Muirhead, Event Management & Marketing Matters

“Working with CreativityWorks was a pleasure. What impressed me particularly was the seamless way you applied the techniques to the context of the group.”
Lisa Smale, MD, Head First Associates

“CreativityWorks’ emphases on metaphor and visual aspects in creative problem-solving processes is very powerful. Their work has proven to be of great interest to me.”
Professor Sidney J. Parnes, Founder of the Center for Studies in Creativity, State University College, Buffalo, USA

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