Style, Structure and Storytelling

– a seminar for speechwriters


Speechwriting is the art of writing for the ear, not the eye.  Too many speeches sound like an essay, report or memo being read to an audience. To create successful speeches, the speechwriter must learn to appreciate how different the idiom of writing is from that of the spoken word. This seminar explores these differences by taking an in-depth look at the art of speechwriting for the ear, including:

  • how to structure ideas in ways that make it easier for audiences to listen, follow and understand what is being said
  • how to find and use words that engage an audience’s senses and emotions
  • how to draw on the skills that storytellers used, long before the invention of writing, to keep their audiences entertained and enthralled.

The seminar is highly interactive, combining theory and practice throughout, with plenty of opportunity for discussion.

Listen to some speechwriters talking about what they got out of it…

Who should attend?

Suitable for anyone who writes speeches or presentations – whether you’re just starting out and want to learn the tricks of the trade, or you’re a seasoned professional on the lookout for new techniques and insights to add something extra to your writing.

This seminar is offered as part of the pre-conference training at the European Speechwriter Network conference. Contact us to talk about how bring it to your organisation as in-house training for speechwriters and other communicators.

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