Cartooning for Communicators

Need to give your presentations more impact?  

Want to make your communication more lively and engaging?

Come along to our day workshop:  Cartooning for Communicators and discover how visual thinking can breathe new life into the way you communicate!

You’ll learn how to:

  • simplify your message by getting to its essence
  • draw simple cartoons on flipcharts, slides and handouts
  • turn abstract ideas into clear, memorable images
  • use visual metaphors to make your messages stick
  • draw and use cartoons to enhance your training and presenting.

But our workshop is about more than just cartooning – it’s about getting to the heart of good communication. By the end of the day you will be able to communicate your messages in cartoon form, and you’ll see drawing in a whole new way.


Workshop outline

In the morning session we explore what drawing really is, and why everyone can do it! By the end you will be able to draw your own people and animals, expressions, objects and contexts, and you will have the know-how to develop your cartooning as far as you want to take it.

The afternoon session is about ‘thinking like a cartoonist’ and applying your drawing skills in your work. You will develop cartoon ideas that will be immediately useful to you, and you’ll be able to practise live cartooning within the supportive framework of the group. The group is kept small to guarantee everyone individual attention and constructive feedback.

This workshop can be commissioned as an in-house workshop or a team awayday and can be tailored to suit you. Contact us to find out more…

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What workshop participants are saying…

 “This workshop has already transformed how I think about communicating. Yes, you learn to draw cartoons, but it has gone much deeper than that, leading me to reexamine my whole approach. Fascinating!”  (Antonia Mochan, Head of Communication for the European Commission in the UK.) Read Antonia’s blog about our workshop

“I came away from the Cartooning for Communicators workshop inspired and refreshed. The workshop was a brilliant mix of technical learning (ie how to actually draw some stock images) and how to translate real life situations into cartoon format. You can learn the thinking during the workshop but it’s really all about practice, practice, practice! The really powerful part for me was about clarity of message – less noise around a message (whether written or drawn) means a clearer message that will stick with your audience. I’d recommend the workshop particularly for people who present ideas to others (whether formally or informally) and/or people who work in complex systems or with complex ideas that are in danger of being lost!” (Leanne Draycott, Coventry City Council)

“It was so helpful to take a day out of the busyness of writing and talking to think about how to convey my ideas with cartoons. What really struck me was that it isn’t about drawing the perfect cartoon. You showed us that the art is really in thinking like a cartoonist and learning how to take a ream of words and convey the essence of them through a cartoon. So much more engaging for an audience! The day was extremely well structured – from taking the fear factor out of the equation through supporting us to prove to ourselves that we can actually draw a cartoon, to coming up with a cartoon that we can use in our real work. I will be using mine again, and again, and probably again! Thank you both for great facilitation and inspiration. The cartoon for how I feel about the course would be a jumping person with a big smile and lots of ideas and energy!” (Leslie Groves Williams, Senior Gender, Inclusion and Human Rights Consultant)

“I really enjoyed the workshop – it was fun and freeing.  The exercises in the morning were great for getting back to that place of just doing something – not thinking too much and avoiding all the hang ups we all have at this stage! But more than that it really made me think more about the way in which I communicate.  As some one who came from communicating in one way – running creative workshops for children and teenagers – into academia I think it has given me solid ideas for ways to communicate that are inventive, fun but also getting an important message across.  The focus on using cartoons to create a message was great – it was not simply a ‘cartoon workshop’ but rather how cartoons and words and messages all work together, or how they can work together.  It is definitely something I will incorporate into my work, either lecturing or presenting. I will definitely recommend the course. (Orla Lehane, Dublin City University)

“Interesting and fun course that really makes you think about how to simplify communications so that audiences really understand what you’re trying to say to them.  I can think of a whole bunch of government ministers, MPs and football pundits who should sign up immediately.  Martha and Martin make it as interesting and rewarding as it is challenging and this was by far the most enjoyable – and useful – professional course I have ever attended.  Oh, and don’t think it’s not for you because you can’t draw, you can, you just don’t know it yet.” (Bob Maddams, Film-maker)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it both illuminating and liberating” (Ross McIntosh, Independent HR Consultant, Coach and Business Psychologist) Read Ross’s blog about our workshop

“The day provided a confidence boost, and unpacked a whole new way of thinking about getting your message across. Martin and Martha give you the benefit of their talents and experience, helping you communicate effectively; beware, the results could be addictive.”  (Philip Ball, Palliative Care Services Manager, Sue Ryder)

“I can thoroughly recommend this course. Martin and Martha run an energising, fun and inspiring session that will make you think differently about the way you communicate, from the moment you step in the room. As facilitators they are warm, supportive and immensely encouraging, and their experience and expertise enables them to deliver the session with real credibility. Go for it, I promise you won’t disappointed!” (Kirsten Holder, Kickstart Development)

“If you thought that cartooning is about drawing then think again; it’s actually about communication so a little goes a long way. What this course taught me is that if you have an idea that you want to communicate then cartooning is a powerful tool and anyone can do it – yes really! Unlock the cartoonist in you!” (Stuart Ellis)

“Martin and Martha joined us for an afternoon session at our team’s Christmas meeting. Our hopes were to learn something new as a team, develop a skill directly relevant to our work  and have some festive fun into the bargain. The tailor-made session saw Martin take us right back to basics (most of us were there already!) and gave us the opportunity to learn and practice some really simple tips and techniques that gave us all more confidence to try something new in the training room. It surprised us all just how quickly we progressed to a level where we were genuinely proud of our creative efforts. A superb session and great fun in Martha and Martins hands.”   (Sarah Phipps, Leading Edge Coaching)

 “A fun and very worthwhile day, with some great drawing techniques which can be incorporated into anything you may be working on to lift and inspire others. I’ve since used the techniques in my training workshops, received really positively by the group! Highly recommend this workshop and Martha and Martin facilitate in a very supportive style, making it easy for all!”  (Theresa Foote, Aurora – Potential Realised)

 “I really enjoyed the course. It has made me think about the importance of focusing on my audience, about how, what and the way I draw benefits them. I now understand the importance of thinking in – and applying – metaphors and metonyms when creating visuals. I will be able to apply this learning to lots of aspects of my work as a trainer and coach, including visually capturing the essence of the content explored when working with individuals and groups.”  (Kate Chambers, KCA)

“Thank you so much for running the session. Everyone loved it and we used our new found confidence the following day in all the sessions we were running…  What your session demonstrated is that using pictures and cartooning in the workshops generates massive levels of energy and enthusiasm and helps aid creativity, we had fun with thinking about different ways of graphically demonstrating information in a more fun way. Fantastic feedback.”    (David Heathcote, Initial Training Course Specialist, Roche Pharmaceuticals)

“An engaging day full of learning, new ways of thinking and great fun! I recommend it unreservedly.”  (Andrena Cumella, Senior Fellow, Organisational Development, Office for Public Management, London.)

“Every trainer/facilitator should attend this workshop. Invaluable.”
(Barry Bond, Transition Partners)

“Your workshop was superb – both enjoyable and extremely useful. I learned so much, and still use the tools all the time.”  (Neil Mullarkey, founder member of the Comedy Store Players, actor and management trainer)

“Working with  CreativityWorks was a pleasure. What impressed me particularly was the seamless way they applied the techniques to the context of the group.”
(Lisa Smale, Headfirst Associates)

“I really enjoyed the training day and have been proselytising its virtues to my colleagues ever since. I have found myself thinking about using cartoons in lots of different settings and ways. I can’t wait for the autumn and the chance to try out the techniques and strategies we used. It was definitely the best training day I’ve ever had.”
(Jennie Naidoo, University of the West of England)

Pictures taken at our Cartooning for Communicators workshops

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