Message in a bottle cartoon


Welcome to CreativityWorks

Since we set up CreativityWorks fifteen years ago, we’ve helped hundreds of people create messages that get noticed, understood and acted on. Speeches, presentations, pitches, campaigns and brand stories that are engaging, persuasive and memorable.

We’ve worked with businesses, public sector organisations, professional bodies, charities, and a wide range of people including lawyers, doctors, politicians, civil servants, trade unionists, teachers, campaigners, speechwriters and others.

How we’re different

Outstanding speakers and writers – people whose words influence what others think, feel and do – speak in pictures. Instead of being dry, abstract and peppered with jargon, their language is full of images and metaphors that make it easy for others to see what they mean.

In an increasingly noisy world, other people’s attention is a commodity rarer than an empty seat on a rush hour train. We show our clients how to think like a cartoonist so that what they say makes a splash.


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